Does Doug Coleman Trucking provide one way service for freight?

No, Doug Coleman Trucking only provides round trip services for freight.

What areas does Doug Coleman Trucking service?

We service South Western Ontario including the GTA, Southern Michigan and Northern Ohio.

Does Doug Coleman Trucking transport less than full trailer loads?

Yes, we offer both Truckload and Less Than Truckload services.

Does Doug Coleman Trucking track it’s fleet?

Yes, Doug Coleman Trucking utilizes the latest in satellite technology accurately locate our trucks on a map.

Does Doug Coleman Trucking offer driver benefits?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive benefit package after 90 days of employment for company drivers.

How can I apply for work at Doug Coleman Trucking?

We have an on-line application form available on our website – β€˜the form’

I am a new driver entering the industry; can I work for Doug Coleman Trucking?

Doug Coleman Trucking welcomes and considers applicants from accredited truck driving institutions such as OTDS (Ontario Truck Driving School).

Do we ship across the Canadian and US border?

Yes, Doug Coleman Trucking is fully qualified to move freight across the border. We are FAST approved.